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Dokumenter som kreves for registrering av TAPU

You can make an appointment to complete the sale and purchase process and receive Tapu by calling the information center of the land registry, at phone number 181, these information centers are required to provide citizens with 24/7 services. Thus, you can make an appointment to complete the transaction on Tapu registration at any time of the day. You can also make an appointment on the Land Register Cadastre web page. (www.randevu.tkgm.gov.tr).

After making an appointment, you can apply, provided that the necessary documents are provided.

Documents required for the transaction with the receipt of Tapu from the seller.

1. Original or photocopy of TAPU

2. One photograph, 6 x 4 cm, taken within the last 6 months

3. Original and 1 copy of ID card (with Turkish ID number)

4. Payment of Tapu fees and property tax prior to the transaction

5. Document showing the value of the property declaration

6. If the real estate agent will conduct transactions on behalf of the seller, then a power of attorney certified by a notary (on behalf of the real estate agent) is required.

7. Photocopy of DASK earthquake insurance. On the eve of the buyer can take out earthquake insurance for the purchased property in any insurance agency.

What documents are required from the buyer to obtain ownership of the purchase?

• 2 photographs, 6 x 4 cm, taken in the last 6 months

• Original and 1 copy of ID card (with Turkish ID number)

• If the title deed will be processed on behalf of the buyer or seller, the original power of attorney received from the notary

The seller submits the necessary documents to the Cadastral Office along with an application for the re-registration of ownership. After submitting the application, but before the final signing of the documents, all taxes and duties related to the registration of ownership are paid. These include tax on the purchase of real estate (on the transfer of ownership), cadastral fee and state service fee.

When the documents for the transfer of ownership are ready, the Cadastral Office sends both parties to the transaction an SMS notification, which indicates the date and time of the meeting, when the participants must appear for the final signature of the documents. The date of the meeting depends on the workload of the Cadastral Office: it is usually appointed in the afternoon, no later than two days later. If one of the parties to the transaction is a foreigner, the presence of a sworn translator is required, who would explain all the terms of the transaction, since the documents are drawn up only in Turkish. After the seller and the buyer sign the agreement on the transfer of ownership, the certificate of ownership (tapu) itself is printed by the management staff and handed over to the buyer.

Dın Bolig Alanya accompanies its clients in the process of obtaining tapu within the framework of free after-sales service: from preparing the necessary papers to the final signing of the documents.